Overcoming Anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety. Anxiety can result in many life difficulties such as problems at work and social problems. Anxiety can be manageable for some or completely overwhelming and distressing for others. In my experience, the individuals who do the best with managing their anxiety are the ones who commit time on a daily basis to address their anxious thoughts and behaviours. Avoidance is a common behaviour of someone with anxiety because if they avoid the situation, person or thing that causes them anxiety, they can avoid the anxious thoughts and emotions that come with it! Unfortunately, this is the worst thing to do because it actually reinforces anxiety over time. Think about someone who is anxious to go to a social gathering because they are afraid to be judged by others. The more they avoid social events, the more difficult it will be for them to attend one in the future. Exposure is the key – The best thing to do is to stop avoiding and force oneself to attend the event, despite the anxiety. In the long run, with more exposure to social events, the anxiety will reduce and become more manageable. It takes time, dedication and courage, but it works!