Life is busy for us all, so much so that we often lack our own self-care. Work, family obligations and duties around the house often consume most of our time and it’s difficult to find the time to do things that support our health. We put off that massage, we forget about the book we are reading and we let our gym memberships expire. Little to no importance is placed on our health and well-being. But our health needs to be a priority! It can’t just be all work and no play or else we risk burnout. We have to make time for fun, friends, healthy diet, exercise and a general time out from the chaos of everyday life. Self-care is a must!

Here is a good way to evaluate if your life is lacking activities and time for self-care.

1) How much time do you invest in self-care activities each week?
2) What are your work hours and do you find yourself working into the evening and weekends?
3) When is the last time you saw your friends, engaged in a leisure activity or even planned a relaxing evening for yourself?
4) Do you often feel dull, moody, overstretch, on-edge or anxious?
5) What activities bring you joy, happiness, fulfilment and relaxation?
6) How can you increase and make time for more self-care activities? This has to become a priority!

If you are indeed lacking self-care activities in your life, try to plug in two activities during the week. They don’t have to cost money. It could simply be a nice walk with a loved one or a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day. You have to find the activities that work for you!

Have a great day!