Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is a skill that many people struggle with and I often see this in counselling sessions with my clients. Being assertive means being comfortable speaking your mind, sharing your opinion and saying no in a respectful and confident way. It is communicating that you will put your needs first when making a decision and you will not agree to something that you’re not comfortable with. When we are assertive, we get our point across clearly, people take us seriously and there is little risk of being taken advantage of. When people are more passive with their communication skills, they often put their needs last and agree to things that they don’t want to do, and this can lead to them feeling resentful and like a “door mat”. They often feel trampled on and disrespected by others. They are often people-pleasers. Aggressive communication is forceful, overly dominant and intimidating to the receiver. It often leads to conflict, hurt feelings and other consequences. This style pushes people away and does not earn the respect of others.

Being assertive is the way to go!

How would you describe your communication style?