Defeating Depression

Many of my clients suffer from depression and it’s distressing symptoms. Depressed mood, pessimistic thinking, lack of motivation, low energy, poor sleep, suicidal thoughts and excessive feelings of guilt are only some of the symptoms that plague those with depression. Most push themselves to go to work everyday and feel completely drained by the time they get home. Life seems dull and difficult. There is no energy or interest in family activities or social events. Depression causes a lot of life disruption and impairment. The person truly suffers with this mental illness.

Treatment such as cognitive behaviour therapy help the individual to challenge their thinking in order to better control emotions and change behaviour. Its also important for the person to push themselves to reinitiate activities that were once part of the life, prior to the depressive episode. Increasing socialization, and leisure activities help to increase motivation and energy and also improve mood. It’s hard to drag yourself out of the house when you feel miserable but you have to start somewhere! It’s also important to schedule activities and life obligations on a calendar to help increase motivation. It will feel great when even a small goal is accomplished.

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