Work-life Balance

The term work-life balance refers to one’s ability to successfully allot time and energy to both work commitments and personal wellness. An unbalanced life results when work becomes the main focus and leisure, social time and overall personal wellness are put on the back-burner. Life shouldn’t be about just working and making money, we have to enjoy our down time with fulfilling activities that bring us happiness and that generate energy. I often hear that people will spend long days at work each week only to find themselves exhausted and mentally and physically depleted on Friday evenings and throughout the weekend. The weekend is then spent trying to catch up with sleep and rest with no energy or desire to spend time with family or have fun! Life is dull when work is the only priority. It’s important to change our thinkimg amd behaviour and make wellness the first commitment – this will naturally improve how we function in every life domain, including work. We often do the opposite, working too hard and then trying to find time for the things that matter most!

Think about ways that you can improve your own work-life balance. It could be booking that massage that you keep cancelling because of work and other obligations or it could be going out for coffee with a friend and allowing yourself to unplug from your phone for the evening. Only you can make these improvements for yourself!

Have a good day!