Got the Sunday Evening Blues?

We’ve all experienced it, the Sunday evening Blues! It’s the evening before we have to return to work on the “dreaded” Monday. Here are a few tips on how to change your attitude about the eve on Monday:

  1. Change your thoughts: Those who have worked with me before know that I always encourage a change in thinking to facilitate a change in feeling to occur. Instead of thinking of Sunday or Monday in a negative context, think about the good things associated with the present moment (you’re still free from work, you have the chance to spend time with family before the work week begins, Sundays can be fun days).
  2. Show gratitude: Take the opportunity to be grateful about your days off to recuperate. Be thankful for your job, be thankful for time off over the weekends, be thankful for the present moment and do something fun and / or relaxing.
  3. Plan a wellness or self-care activity for the week: What I like to do is reward myself during the week with a fun activity or a nice dinner after my busiest week days.
  4. Write things down: If you find that your mind is full of useless “chatter”, write down the things that are bothering you the most and rate them as “within my control” or “outside of my control”. Then decide which tasks to tackle when they are within your control. Choose to think differently (more positively and realistically) about the things that are outside of your control.
  5. Watch what you watch! If you’re going to watch television or read, make sure the content is positive, especially if your mood is low.
  6. Wake up on Monday morning with a thought about something positive in your life, this could be a recent achievement, an activity that you are looking forward to i.e. a winter vacation or a person who is a positive influence in your life.
  7. Maintain a healthy and tidy space: Your home doesn’t have to be spotless but reducing clutter and making an appealing living space will help to boost your mood. I make sure that my kitchen is spotless so that each morning I don’t become stressed with dirty dishes and I have a clean and tidy space to make my morning coffee.
  8. Sunday treat: Incorporate a family treat on Sunday evenings to promote togetherness and to increase positivity. It could be having a favourite desert or playing a game for an hour with the family.
  9. Monday morning mood booster: Do something that will boost your mood and increase  your energy as you get back into the work week. This could be journaling some positive thoughts or gratitude when you wake up; writing a love note to your spouse or partner or sending a nice text to a friend wishing them a happy Monday.
  10. Negativity shield: Make a conscious effort to only allow positive thoughts, actions and people to surround you on Sunday and Monday (and everyday if you can!). Envision a shield around you that will only allow the positive in; anything negative or stressful will just bounce off of that shield. You are protected if you allow yourself to be.

Have a good Sunday and even better Monday everyone!