Daily Affirmations

Good Morning Everyone,

I’ve posted about this topic before and probably will again! This is only because I personally see the benefits and positive outcomes of using daily affirmations. Daily affirmations should focus on a topic or life circumstance that you wish to improve or maintain, they should always be positive and goal-oriented. When I first started my private practice, I committed to writing daily affirmations each morning before seeing my clients; this is a tradition that I continue presently and will continue in the future. Affirmations can focus on improving your career, relationships, health, and other areas in your life. Here is an example of an affirmation about relationships for someone who may be struggling with toxic or unhealthy relationships or just feeling that this area of their life needs improvement:

“I am so appreciative that all of my personal relationships are healthy, fulfilling and supportive”.

“I am so appreciative that I am surrounded by positive and happy people”.

*The key is to create your affirmation in the present tense, as though you have already achieved your goal.

Then the action starts. What will you do to ensure that these affirmations are accurate and maintained? If your focus is to improve relationships in your life, then it would be important to evaluate which relationships are healthy and which are no longer serving you. Successful and fulfilled people surround themselves with others who are like-minded and who have a positive outlook on life; they choose not to associate with others who will negatively impact their energy and mood. So, a goal may be to meet other like-minded people by joining a mindful meditation group in the community or attending a fundraising event and making new connections. Another goal may be to stop associating with a particular person who is constantly complaining or playing the victim.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

“I am so grateful and appreciative that this day will be fulfilling and positive, both personally and professionally.”